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Dear People Pleaser

Hello People Pleaser,

Yes You!

The one who says:

Yes of course (thinking I really don’t have the time)

Sure! (No)

I don’t mind (I really do…)

No problem (It really is!)

I see you.

I get it.

Everyone loves you because you are SO helpful and you take care of everyone else. It is who you are!

Well, let’s take care of YOU.

Tip for you to get through this Christmas and start taking care of yourself.


Yep. That is it.

Pause and ask yourself is this really what I want to do or am I doing it to keep the peace.

Start doing this and you will notice how often you say yes when you really want to say no.

People pleasers have amazing strength in the ability to understand others so use this to your advantage as you navigate a way of getting both people’s needs met.

So when your mother in law invites you round for Christmas day but you already have plans, don’t give in and say yes.

Pause. Give yourself time to think.

Perhaps you can compromise and go around for breakfast, keeping yourself, your partner and your mother in law happy.

Good luck and if you want to discuss any situations book your free 30minute consultation here:…/free-30-minute…/book

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