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Together we will:

  • Explore what your life would look like if you could manage your anxiety

  • Learn some scientifically proven techniques 

  • Create a tailored plan unique to you

To keep you on track you will:

  • Receive your own headset with a treatment plan for during and after your therapy

How Does Virtual Reality Therapy Work?

Virtual reality therapy has been used for over 15 years and has been scientifically proven to work in regards to mental health. 

When wearing the headset your eyes and ears are fully immersed in the virtual world. Your mind then uses its imagination to make up the rest of the environment, tricking our brains to believe what we are experiencing as real.

On a therapeutic level, the environment can then be used to relax you or in some cases as exposure therapy (coming soon!).


How I Work

I am a firm believer in being there for the whole journey. I support my clients for as long and how far they want to go personally. Whether you want to learn how to manage your anxiety or want to consciously change different aspects of your life.

Every individual is unique, therefore I do not believe a one size fits all approach.

At your first session your history is taken and an understanding of where you are now and where you want to be.

Together we will tailor a plan to get you where you want to be. 


  • Transformational Life Coaching Diploma

  • Coaching with Mindfulness

  • Existential Coaching 

  • Coaching with Trauma

  • Corporate Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching

  • Mindfulness Course

  • Psychosynthesis introduction


Zoe is a great coach,  she helped me understand some areas in my life that I didn't realise were a problem in terms of my main goal. What I like about Zoe's coaching style is that I feel she really listens and when my thoughts and ideas seem a mess in my head she relays them back to me in a way that sounds a lot clearer and positive. Our sessions made me feel safe to open up and challenge myself. I came away from each session feeling on top of the world.

Pete, Brighton


The Tree Rooms, 
12 Trinity Street,

Colchester Town


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