Virtual Reality Therapy

Mental Health Therapist Specialising in Anxiety and Depression

The Tree of Life Coaching uses the latest technology in mental health, virtual reality, to support you in managing your anxiety and depression.


Ready for Change?

If you are feeling confused and a bit lost right now, virtual reality therapy could be just what you need to get back on track.

Do you desire to live life as you dream and not just to ease your angst?

Feel like anxiety is running your life?

Want to feel:

  • Confident

  • In control

  • Peaceful 

  • Calm

  • Happy 

  • Content

  • Empowered

  • Loveable


How I Can Help You:

Through a mix of therapy, mindfulness and virtual reality you will:

  • Gain clarity on how you want your life to be when anxiety and/or depression aren't ruling

  • Identify what is triggering your mental health

  • Learn practical tips and tools to manage your anxiety and depression

All sessions available online or in Colchester, Essex


"I've enjoyed a lot my coaching sessions with Zoe. Thanks to her I've realized some of the key limiting beliefs I had that was making me feel anxious many times and were affecting my relationship with my boyfriend. I felt listened every time and I got out with valuable insights on how to manage better my anxiety. Thank you!"

Andra, Coach 2020


Why Virtual Reality Therapy?

Our minds are clever, however, they do not know the difference between the virtual world and reality. 

When we meditate using a VR headset we are fully immersed and our minds believe we are truly there.

This means it is easier for us to focus and relax which enables us to reduce our anxiety. 


Get in Touch for Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy is available in the comfort of your own home or in-person at Colchester Town, Essex

Get in touch to find out how it could work for you and your mental health.

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