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Need Therapy During COVID-19?

Enabling You to Thrive During the Pandemic

Perhaps your “little co-workers”, children, are pushing you to your limits, maybe your partner is frustrating you like crazy or time on your own has really got you into a slump. 

You recognise you are responsible for yourself but things are just feeling a little more than you can manage right now. 

Getting out of bed on time and making a healthy dinner is starting to feel like a chore. 

Perhaps you are worried about finances, what will happen in the future about your career or if your loved ones contract the virus.

Your blitz spirit may be wearing off and even the British banter isn’t as funny any more. You find yourself wishing for this all to be over to return back to normal but feel guilty for not appreciating the extra time. 

Ways to notice you might need help during this unprecedented time: If you identify with 3 or more it may be time to look at getting some support.

  • Your sleep pattern is disturbed, long binges on Netflix may be part of the problem but it might be that you are experiencing stress.

  • Getting out of bed has become a real challenge.

  • Your relationship with food has changed. Either you are overeating or you have completely lost interest. If you have noticed a change in your appetite, don’t ignore it this could be a sign you need some extra support right now.

  • Your mind won’t stop. Making lists and plans for the future or perhaps you are finding it really hard to concentrate on your child’s year 2 maths. Don’t judge yourself, you may be experiencing stress and your physiology has gone a bit haywire.

  • You have become obsessed with the news. Needing to know exactly what is happening and when. 

  • You cry at regular intervals. This can be over something relatively insignificant, no reason at all or you are finding problems in everything.

  • You have no emotion and are “soldiering on”. You have taken an “I’m fine” attitude and strongly believe you are completely unaffected by what is going on around you. 

  • You have increased your time on social media. 

  • You have negative thoughts such as “When will this end”, “How will I cope”, “What does this mean for the future” “We are all doomed” etc.

  • Everyone is getting on your nerves. You find yourself being irritable and snappy with your loved ones. 

  • At times you can feel light-headed or dizzy or perhaps you feel heavy and like everything is an effort.

Looking for support: 

Firstly, there is no shame ever in getting support for your mental health. Right now, we are to quote Rishi Sunak, in unprecedented times. And according to The Medium, 52% of people have reported that their mental health has worsened. 

If you are one of the 52% who has identified their mental health may be taking a bit of a toll, want to get ahead of it and feel:

  • Calm

  • Confident

  • In control 

  • Safe

  • Positive about the future

  • Stable

  • Content

  • Happy

Then coaching could be what you need right now. 

Coaching works with you where you are now, looking to where you want to be. It is a mutual process of support and reflection. Using your everyday life to review and break down negative thought patterns and enable you to start working towards living life more in line with how you envisage.

If you would like to hear more about how coaching could help you then get in touch here: 

Book your free 30minute session to hear how therapy can support you.

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