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Why He Isn't Calling

Ladies, a lot of us have experienced when a guy we like isn’t calling us back. We had a great time but now he is being elusive. We have excuses like he’s busy or maybe he didn’t get my message.

We confide in our friends and read several blogs to try and figure out what is going on.

This is also true for men!

What we don’t realise is we are coming across needy and pushing the guy away.

We start to play games to manipulate them into responding to us, maybe we “accidentally” text or send a cute gif for attention. Maybe we ignore their messages for twice as long as they do us in an attempt to reclaim some control.

We are wasting our energy and are in a battle for attention. Reaching euphoric highs when we get what we want and crashing lows when we don’t.

We exhaust ourselves and for what end. We hope that the future will be different if only he will do what we want.

I invite you to take back your control and stop chasing and manipulating.

When you step out of the drama and recognise you can not control their behaviour you will be a lot less exhausted.

The guy will either appreciate you laying off of him and will approach you in his own time or not.

Either way, it will become clear if he is the guy for you.

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