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When you aren't being successful...

Hang on I was set!

Did you have your plan? Know where you were going? Was everything going to plan until now?


Success, unfortunately, isn't a straight line. Its a huge amount of meandering.

Did you know flight attendants fly off course majority of the time? It is their job to re-input the coordinates to get to the destination.

So when things are off-kilter and you literally ARE going backwards instead of forwards.

Know that is normal. That's to be expected.

But overall if you look back far enough you will see you have moved forward. Whether that is a baby step or great leaps. The point is you are still moving.

Celebrate that.

Spend time figuring out what got you off course and reset the coordinates as soon as you can.

If you show up, get back on that horse each time it bucks you off. You are doing a great job.

Keep going, my friend!

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