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What Are You Doing Christmas Day?

Cute sausage dog: Festive anxiety
What Are You Doing Christmas Day?

Christmas is rapidly approaching and the same question that comes up every single year is on everyone lips…

What are you doing Christmas day?

Oh, the angst of working out where to go! How do you keep everyone happy, see each member of your ever-growing family and get time to relax?!

Anxiety can creep in as we try to craft the “perfect plan”.

We might feel emotional when we let down our Aunt for a visit on Christmas Eve, guilty for rejecting our Mothers Christmas day offer for the second year in a row as we know she will take it personally.

We end up falling into a trap of people-pleasing and getting overly stressed at trying to keep everyone happy at this “most wonderful time of the year.”

Our anxiety spikes as we try to manage the horrible feeling of not meeting everyone’s wishes.

We begin to question ourselves if it really would be easier to do what everyone else wants and forget about our skiing holiday until next year… or maybe 2030.

It is very common for the holidays to bring up anxiety as there is often a lot of expectation and for people pleases this is a royal nightmare!

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