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Overcome the Stress of Going to the Shops

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

You might think about going shopping and notice yourself making excuses that you don’t need to go, asking loved ones to pick items up for you.

Maybe you have made it as far as the supermarket and felt your heart race or noticed that you felt dizzy as you made your way around the store.

It might have been hard to concentrate on your shopping list, the air in the store may have felt thin and all you could think about is when you could get the hell out of there!

Perhaps you have never experienced anything like this before in your life or maybe you have had anxiety in the past that held you back from shopping but with everything going on now it is back with a vengeance.

Given that we are in unprecedented times this is not unusual nor anything to be ashamed of. The entire country is in a huge amount of uncertainty which can breed anxiety.

To overcome your stress of going to the shops here are 4 tips to follow:

  1. Don’t beat yourself up - First and foremost be kind to yourself. It can be easy to be hard on yourself and tell yourself to stop being so silly. The world is looking a little different right now and everything feels a bit odd. Let yourself feel a bit unsure about what is happening.

  2. Notice your thoughts - What narrative are you telling yourself about going to the supermarket? Perhaps your mind is telling you it is highly dangerous and others don’t follow the guidelines. Hear your thoughts and challenge them if they are overly negative.

  3. Take deep breaths - When we are stressed, our bodies go into what is called fight or flight mode. Which means physiology gets hairy! Take some deep breaths to calm down.

  4. Check-in with your body - If you start to feel a bit dizzy or lightheaded it might be a good time to eat some nuts or put your attention into your feet. When we feel dizzy it can mean our body is highly anxious. Grounding ourselves in the present moment is the fastest way to manage this.

  5. Ask for help - Maybe take it slow and just go in for the absolute essentials with a loved one who waits in the car. The key here is not to avoid the trip but to build your resilience. It is the fastest way of learning to manage your anxiety.

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