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Losing Sight of Your Dreams?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

We can be so busy keeping up with life that we forget to tune into ourselves and think about what we really want.

We become the hamster on the wheel, going no where!

We find ourselves wondering why we are getting demotivated and frustrated. Perhaps asking why is everything so difficult.

When we are so busy frantically trying to make things happen and stressing about everything we forget to appreciate where we are.

We haven’t taken the time to step back and look at how far we have come and remind ourselves what we are aiming for.

If we are demotivated it may be we have forgotten what is important to us and have been focusing on what everyone else wants for us.

Often when we are on a long journey we can forget where we are going or what the point is.

In these times it can be useful to surround ourselves with inspiration and support.

Some ideas may include:

Meeting like-minded friends for coffee

Watching uplifting youtube videos to get us in the right mindset

Or creating a vision board to remind us where we are headed

When you are on a long journey with a destination that isn't exactly concrete the path can be lonely and dark. It helps to remember that you are not alone and that others are out there seeking bigger too.

If you feel like now is the right time for you to make a change perhaps you might like to book a free 30minute consultation to see how therapy might help you.

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