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How to Manage Your Anxiety Around Covid-19

When the world is literally being turned upside down how can you manage your own anxiety during this crisis?

Schools are being shut, businesses are downing tools and contact with family is to be avoided.

A lot of us are panicking about where our next pay cheque will come from, our elderly and the vulnerable.

Buckingham Palace released a message exclusively around Covid-19 saying “Many people are entering a period of great concern and anxiety”.

The experts can not give us a definitive answer about what will happen and the undeniable impact this will have on the economy. Currently, everything is based on predictions.

If there was a time to feel anxious. This would be one of them.

Where there is uncertainty, anxiety can fester. Our minds are planning machines that like certainty and regularity as it feels it can predict what will happen using past experiences. This gives us a perceived sense of control.

In order for us to feel ease, in this worldwide pandemic, we need to focus on the one thing that we have control over.


To reduce our anxiety at this time we really need now more than ever to take Eckhart Tolle’s advice and live in the present moment.

Living in the present means focusing on what is happening right here, right now. Not getting caught up in the past or as a lot of us are at the moment, we need to avoid focusing on the what if’s of the future.

If we can, we should allow ourselves to savor this moment. Bring our wandering thoughts back to what is happening around us and take each day as it comes.

We can often go about lives on autopilot. We are deluded to think that life is stable and certain. That we know what will happen in the future. Say, Monday at 7.30am we will head off for work, with the perceived idea that this will be our routine for the week and weeks to come and that our dinner plans for Saturday are concrete.

The current pandemic is a humanising reminder that life is uncertain, vastly out of our control and that we never truly know what will happen in the future.

By focusing on the now, we are experiencing each moment as it happens. We don’t get caught up in the ever-rising death toll or panic of what will happen in weeks or months to come.

We accept the current reality and allow ourselves to feel those uncomfortable feelings without getting lost in them.

We accept our anxiety, our fear of the uncertainty but also our realisation that there is not much we can do right now except follow the Governments guidelines.

We are mindful of our thoughts and not allow them to take us down routes that sabotage our mental health.

We focus on what we actually can do in this time, such as video calling loved ones, washing our hands and keeping our distance.

By allowing each day to unfold we can plan for the future but remain in the present. Take each day as it comes and cherish the good things in life.

“You can always cope with the present moment, but you cannot cope with something that is only a mind projection – you cannot cope with the future.” Eckhart Tolle

3 Ways to Manage Your Anxiety Around Covid-19

1. Reduce your daily intake of the news

The news is there to keep us abreast of the latest that is happening to us and the world. The problem with consuming so much negative news is it can affect our nervous system as we are constantly perceiving threats. Our bodies can get overloaded and become anxious.

To keep our mental health in check we need to limit the amount of news we watch or read and be mindful of the impact this has on us.

2. Focus on the now

Worrying about the future takes away our precious energy and does not resolve anything. Instead, we can choose to consciously problem-solve on the things which we have control over and then move on.

In life now more than ever we should strive to remain present.

3. Talk About Your Feelings

Talking allows us to process what is going on for us. Each day, we are receiving news that potentially changes our lives. We need to be kind to ourselves and talk through what is happening so that we can gain some clarity.

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