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How to Deal With Your Anxiety!

Are you not reaching what you want out of life? Have all the plans in your head but get lost when you try to put them into action. Do you seem to find all the reasons, sorry excuses to not get on with what you need to do?

In your mind what you need to do is simple but as soon as you start down the path towards making your dreams happen your anxiety spikes.

This is common when we are stepping out of our comfort zone and although the answer is quite simple. It is not easy.

In order to overcome and manage our anxiety we need to become more mindful.

Aware of what is going on for us.

Aware of what is causing our anxiety.

Aware of how it feels and shows up in our body.

Aware of our patterns of behavior.

Only when we become aware can we start to shift what is going on for us by changing how we respond.

Gradually as we shift how we respond we start to trust that the world isn't so bad and actually quite safe. And maybe, not everyone will reject our new ideas and love.

This will take patience and consistent practice but it is worth the journey.

It will be another challenge that you over come!

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