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Finding The Perfect Gift

Do you find yourself traipsing shop after shop to find the perfect gift for a loved one?

You want to make them happy with the gift so you spend a huge amount of time searching.

You visit multiple stores and browse online for hours.

And when it comes to wrapping you take your time, selecting luxury ribbons.

Is it that you want the perfect gift or are you overly anxious about getting it wrong?!

Have you poured so much into this gift and are expecting such a big reaction that you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself and the recipient?

Perhaps dare I say, you are hoping this gift will buy their love.

Maybe that is why you are finding it so hard to get the perfect present because the role you have given it is much too high for a store-bought gift.

Let yourself off a notch, any gift bought with thought is worth having.

We can never know if it is the right gift and should not attach so much of our worth to something so small.

Love yourself a little bit more and enjoy the pleasure of giving.

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