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Day 5 Tip 5: Chit Chatting

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It is our last day of 5 tips for 5 days! - If you are new to this post click here to find the other tips.

Talking is SO beneficial.

I am biased towards this one being a coach!

When we are talking it is not just the words going on between us that are happening.

A “good” conversation and I mean a really good one. Will have the feeling that we are heard, held and understood.

That someone really cares AND gets our point of view.

Something goes on when you interact with someone at a deeper level which I have to confess, I don’t know how to explain as it is more of an experience.

I appreciate this may sound wishy-washy but hear me out.

When we are truly heard, the little child that is in all of us starts to pay attention and feels seen.

She says “YAY someone cares” And starts to relax a bit.

Talking is a great way to manage anxiety because firstly, we are validated as we share our deepest fears and vulnerabilities and secondly we can get an objective perspective which may be more sound than our own at that time.

Moral of this final story: Brew a cup of tea, share your feelings, feel the love and watch your anxiety start to reduce.

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