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Day 4 Tip 4: Mindfulness

And welcome to Day 4! Well done for staying tuned.

I am really glad that some of you are finding this useful. Keep your comments coming as it is GREAT to hear from you.

Ok so first of all, I know that mindfulness is a buzz word right now and for people who can’t get it, it can be REALLY frustrating.

It can feel like you are at the party and a new band comes on and everyone goes crazy with excitement and you are left there thinking “I don’t get it”.


Ok the first thing I want you to do is to forget everything you know about it.

Mindfulness is so powerful because it brings our awareness to the present moment.

It means the ONLY thing we are focused on is what is happening right now and everything else is like a car driving past.

We see it but like yeh whatever I am focusing on going to get coffee.

Now if you are used to allowing your brain to run around off on its own and think whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

**Newsflash this is most of us**

This will be hard for you.

But PLEASE don’t let that put you off.

You are used to running out into the traffic, getting caught up in it and forgetting what your original goal was.

Oh yes, I was going to a gingerbread spiced latte or whatever.

It is not, contrary to what people think, the “getting rid of thoughts”.

It is allowing them to pass by and keeping your focus on what is happening RIGHT now.

When we are mindful, we can catch negative thought patterns, dips in our mood and are able to regulate ourselves.


It is like a muscle the more you do it the stronger it grows!

So moral of this story is: Become more mindful so that you are more aware of what is triggering you so that you can regulate and reduce your anxiety.

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