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Day 3 Tip 3- Journaling

You may be wondering how writing can help with your anxiety. Or perhaps you regularly write and Anne Frank herself would be impressed.

Well let’s just dive into why it is good.

When we are STRESSED. We often have a huge amount of thoughts floating around our minds.

We are unable to think straight and sometimes can have skewed opinions on things because our minds are just super busy!

When we journal, we clear our mind as we write out everything that is bothering us.

It is quite cathartic as we are allowing ourselves to “get out” what needs to be said in a way that feels safe.

We aren’t risking our nosey neighbours repeating what we said in a vulnerable moment and we also aren’t ignoring it.

We can then take our writing a step further and look back at it objectively to see if what was bothering us really is worth spending time thinking about!

Moral of this story: Write more to get your emotions out and understand them so that you can reduce your anxiety.

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