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Day 1 Tip 1 - You Are What You Eat & a Hack for Busting Sugar Cravings!

We all “know” we are supposed to eat fruit and vegetables and avoid cake and prosecco. (Unless it’s our birthday)

But why….

Well, I imagine a lot of you know that we crash after we consume too much sugar and generally feel crappy.

Because our sugar levels in our bloodstream spike, we release more insulin to deal with that. Then we hit a low because our body overproduces.

That is when we rubbish as we have hit a sugar low.

When we get a sugar low our body starts to get jittery which can spike anxiety.

So, I am going to give you some insight into your body which may help you think about what you can do to stop craving sugar.

Stop Craving Sugar - Avoid Sugar Crash - Less Anxiety


Did you know about the little people living inside your gut?!

Yes, you heard it right!

There are bacteria living in our guts.

Kinda gross right!

Actually, bacteria are all over our body. But let’s focus on the one in our guts.

When we eat sugary food we feed the bacteria that like sugary food and that crave it. Those (naughty) bacteria then grow and multiply. Which means there isn’t enough room for the GOOD bacteria.

The good bacteria help us digest food and actually crave healthy food. They also keep the naughty bacteria in check.

Now don’t beat yourself up if you fancy a chocolate bar, it just means that you likely have an unbalanced gut!

So, how do we begin to rebalance our guts?

We need to feed our good bacteria. We can do that by eating more of the following:

Kimchi Saukraut Kombucha

How does this relate to anxiety?

It is proven that our diet is related to our mental health.

The healthier we eat the better we feel. As the saying goes “ You are what you eat!”

So moral of the story: Eat more fermented foods so you crave less sugar and therefore have less anxiety!

For more tips on managing anxiety download your FREE workbook here.

Zoe x

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