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You want to be the confident, sassy woman that you know is inside you (somewhere). 

You want to live life enjoying yourself, focusing on the bigger things in life perhaps pursuing a career, building a business or maybe it's finding a deep relationship. 

Instead, you are stuck, anxiety is keeping you trapped and from moving to where you potentially could be. 

Things in life that perhaps others seem to find easy are difficult for you. 

You find yourself exhausted just getting through the day and feel that living a life you dream off is started to look like a big fantasy. 

Maybe you have got to the stage where you have convinced yourself that you aren't destined to lead your own life and you really will have to pour all your energy into getting through each day. 


It doesn't have to be this way. 

You may not believe me right now but things can change if you really want them to.

I am not denying that anxiety can be debilitating and really can take over your life. 

With support, and the right tools you can learn how to manage anxiety and start moving towards bigger aspirations in life. 

You: About Me

Supporting a range of presenting issues:

Diagnosed or suspected.

* Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

* Social Anxiety 

* Health Anxiety 

* Parenting Anxiety 

* Anxiety in Teenagers (14+ up) 

* Career Anxiety 

* Dating Anxiety 

* Relationship Anxiety 


* Exam Anxiety 

* Anxiety in pregnancy 

Perhaps you want support around your anxiety on covid-19 or how it may impact those around you or your business. 

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